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Certification Program

Sodfos offers specially designed, job oriented certification programme for aspiring young graduates which would help them to find themselves working for world class multinational companies. The courses/programmes offered gives an upper edge during job search. The certifications offered are well structured and job oriented.

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Mentorship Program

Everyone has a dream to do their studies abroad in good reputed institutions but it’s not just well enough to go through some entrance exams for your masters in abroad. You need to apply correctly starting from shortlisting of universities and all the process that one has to go through until he reaches safe and sound. So, does a common strategy that might help you with your requirements or you need a personalized support.

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Career guidance

Most of us are confused at some stages of our schooling period or college life. The main question we all faces is what is next?. By the time we reach standard eight or seventh we all start thinking what is the right step next, at this time our parents also influences as they would say either to choose science group or commerce group. Time has changed there are numerous career a person can choose its not limited, numerous ways to achieve it as well, its all comes down now to whether to follow destiny or to create your own destiny. If you have chosen to create your own then sodfos is here to support you to achieve it. Also for those who wants to follow destiny they can also avail sodfos helps in a very diplomatic way as well.

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  • As an Architecture student, it is very important to understand the various aspects of interior design, especially quality lighting. This introductory class arranged by Sodfos helped in creating a basic foundation in interior lighting.

    Jerin Jacob

    Student (B.Arch), Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology

  • The Lighting Design course taught me what lighting design is, where it is used and how it is implemented. It also taught me how to make my own designs using the software DIALux. The course was very informative, very wonderful and it allowed me to see how this field of engineering works.

    Bharath G V

    Student, Mohandas College of Engineering & Technology

  • The Latex workshop conducted by team sodfos was really helpful and useful. We needed to prepare seminar reports, thesis work all in latex which was new to us. After the 2 day workshop, we could make reports, thesis work and question bank by ourself.

    Deepthy Jose

    student,Toc H Institute of Science and Technology

  • The session of LaTex was really nice. For our thesis works we needed to do the final report in latex, for us it was a very new software and we were unfamiliar with the tools as well. So we decided to make a session in latex which really helped us a lot. We were able to make our final project report in latex. We are really grateful to sodfos for the session they provided us on latex

    Chinchu V Joy

    student,Toc H Institute of Science and Technology