After you reach college and by final year you start thinking of what is next? Some of you will be looking for a job and some opt for higher studies. Based on a proper planning about your career you need to decide about what to do next? It’s important to understand the difference between a job and a career. A job helps you make a living, probably pay the bills and is almost always short term. On the other hand, a career path is based on your skills and interests and is typically long term. The thing is you need to identify what you like to do.

>Now that you have an idea of what you’re good at, it’s time to figure out what you might actually enjoy. Take some time to reflect on past work or school experiences – which ones did you like, and which ones were less enjoyable?

>Some might be looking for masters from abroad, some may be looking for jobs in companies or preparing for some exams.

>Talking to people who went on to work or study in the area you are interested in is also a good way to try to plan the next step.

>Many people after there three or four years of study, prefer for a job for a relaxation from assignments, exams etc. Going straight from your undergraduate course into employment gives you the chance to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. You will get the chance to identify if there’s a particular part of the sector you might want to specialize in or find out if it’s even the right type of work for you. That’s something you can often only get with hands-on experience.

>For those working in core companies, there is also a chance to continue their studies with a part-time or full-time postgraduate course, which may be funded by your working agency. Some companies even provide study leave and bonuses for good performance in exams.

>For those who are not ready to turn their backs on academics, the option of a postgraduate course can also offer opportunities further down the line for graduates. Both a taught post graduation and a research post-graduation can be beneficial in enhancing your employability. The main thing is to figure out which type of post-graduation will help you to fulfill your career expectations and what structure suits you best.

>Choose the best college for your post-graduation. Some prefer to do their masters abroad. For that many need to study and prepare for IELTS, TOEFL or GRE based on your country and course selection.Based on these scores you can get into top universities in the world. If you are preferring to do post graduation in India then you need to focus on GATE, NET or other entrance exams based on your area of interest for getting into top colleges in India and for a bright future.