These are the short-term courses that we provide.


Course #S-01

This course is an introduction for all those who aspire to come into the field of Lighting Design. The course will be an intensive training conducted for Professionals who have completed their study in the field of Engineering, Architecture or Designing.


Course #S-02

This course is a 40-hour hands-on training program where you will be trained both in theoretical and practical aspects of lighting design. During the course of this training, you will work on individual and group projects where you will implement different elements you learned in the training. The Training will also include guided tours to various projects.


Course #S-03

Whether you want to control a couple of traditional theatrical fixtures or a complex public installation featuring tens of thousands of LEDs, we have a perfect software solution to fit your needs.


Course #S-04

This course introduces a Lighting Designer to the domains of Retail Lighting (Boutiques, Shops, Commercial Products, etc.), Hospitality Lighting (Restaurants, Resorts, etc.) and Exterior Lighting of buildings.


Course #S-05

This course introduces a Lighting Designer in depth to various domains of Lighting Design. A basic knowledge in Lighting Design and DIALux is a pre-requisite for this course. This course introduces in depth the standard practises in Roadway Lighting, Parking System Lighting and Sports Lighting.