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16/01/2018 7:52 am  

I am a final year B.Tech Electronics and Communication student.I got a job in an IT company through campus placement.Does EC match with software companies? and also how to get job in ece core companies?

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16/01/2018 9:07 am  

Most of the students are actually interested to work in core jobs. But the problem is majority of the campus placements will be done by IT companies. And most of the students are fine with that and what they are looking is just job and also to escape from 'overly concerned' people.

 A fresher gets comparatively more money working in software jobs than core jobs. To get a good pay in a core job, an engineer requires years of experience working in a core company or top rank in GATE.

If you believe in yourself and if you have a particular goal to work in a core company, then prepare well for it and definitely you will get a job. Don't look at the salary initially and try to get experience.

Some of the core companies of ECE are:


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