Course #S-01

Course Name: Lighting Design Software Training

Course No: S-01

Total No. of Hours: 60

Description: This course is an introduction for all those who aspire to come into the field of Lighting Design. The course will be an intensive training conducted for Professionals who have completed their study in the field of Engineering, Architecture or Designing. The classes will be conducted on a full-time basis by the company.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Introduction to Lighting Design

Module 2: Introduction to DIALux

Module 3: A Complete Interior & Exterior Project

Module 4: Landscape Lighting

Module 5: Road Lighting

Module 6: Projects

Module 7: Documentation of Projects

Software Used: DIALux evo 8 & DIALux 4

System Requirements:

DIALux evo 8: CPU with SSE2-support, 4 GB RAM (min. 2GB), OpenGL 3.0 graphics card (1 GB RAM), Windows 7/8.1/10 (32/64 bit), Resolution min. 1024 x 768 px.

DIALux 4: Processor P IV or later, 1.4 GHz or faster, 1 GB RAM, Graphics card with OpenGL or DirectX Support, Resolution 1280 x 1024 px, Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10.

Course Summary:

Module 1: Introduction to Lighting Design (5 hrs)

In this module, we cover the basics of lighting design. It includes the basic terms that are used in the industry and also in DIALux software. Light and its effects on human eye will also be discussed. A detailed information on the job opportunities in this industry will be provided. Other topics include Colour Temperature, Types of Lighting, Applications of Lighting Design, etc.

Module 2: Introduction to DIALux (10 hrs)

DIALux evo 8 User Interface

  • Familiarisation of the tools; A brief description about each tool in DIALux will be provided, showing how and where these tools are used.
  • Create simple examples of rooms with the tools learned.

DIALux evo 8 Luminaire Interface

  • Using luminaires in different applications.
  • Inserting plugins.
  • Creating own luminaires for design
  • Theoretical knowledge on different types of lights/LEDs and the leading manufacturers.
  • Terms associated with DIALux calculations.

Module 3: A Complete Interior & Exterior Project (10 hrs)

Project 1: Creating a complete Interior Project

Here we execute a full Interior project using the available interior lights. Different colour temperature settings will be discussed and different outputs will be obtained.

Project 2: Creating a complete Exterior Project

A 3-storey building will be completed of which the first floor will be done with help of the mentor and the rest 2 floors will have to be completed as an assignment (Assignment No. 1).

Module 4: Landscape Lighting (5 hrs)

Project 3: Landscape lighting of an exterior building will be executed with the use of exterior landscape plugins.

Module 5: Road Lighting (5 hrs)

  • User interface of DIALux 4.
  • Basic standards followed in Road Lighting.
  • Road Lighting Design & Calculation.

Module 6: Projects (20 hrs)

Project 4: Importing files from AutoCAD and doing a complete Interior & Exterior Project.

Project 5: A sample project will be provided to test the skills of the participants. The project has to be completed using the knowledge of lighting design acquired in the previous sessions. This will be an internal project test (Assignment No. 2).

Project 6: A whole building design in DIALux.

Module 7: Documentation of Projects (5 hrs)

In this final module, we will be dealing with Creation of Project Reports and Documentation of the Project.

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