Mentorship Program

Everyone has a dream to do their studies abroad in good reputed institutions but it’s not just well enough to go through some entrance exams for your masters in abroad. You need to apply correctly starting from shortlisting of universities and all the process that one has to go through until he reaches safe and sound. So, does a common strategy that might help you with your requirements or you need a personalized support.

SODFOS believes that each student needs a personalized support to create a perfect plan in moving abroad to a new place for your studies. It is actually the planned strategy which maximizes your chances of success in getting into the best universities based on your scores. The SODFOS mentor ship program not only takes into account about your strong point but also notifies you about your weak point and how you can overcome and tackle the situation.

SODFOS has got a team which is a group of vibrant youngsters who have already being graduated from prestigious institutes and also those who are doing their graduation now in different universities. You will get personalized face to face guidance and support based on your country requirement. Our program mainly focus on giving many useful services for the students. Using our service, you along with your mentor will be able to create and track all your universities that you need to apply to and he/she can help you with the statement of purpose(SOP), Letter of Recommendation(LOR), Curriculum Vitae(CV), Visa verification process etc.

So no more waiting, get in touch with us and start chasing your dreams!