Higher secondary education

This discuss about the various streams and their courses and things to note by 11th and 12th standard students


Commerce group courses

Commerce is generally treated as the backbone of any business, and therefore it gives excellent career options for commerce and business allied subjects. To pursue a career in commerce, it is essential for students….


Humanities group courses

After completing 12th from humanities stream many of the students will be in the doubt in choosing the field to pursue for further studies.Everyone is worried about….


Professional Biology Group courses

After 10th, most of the students take Biology- Maths as their main stream. This is mainly due to the wide opportunities after 12th. This is mainly because you can choose any course if you choose biology and maths as your main subject along with physics and chemistry….


Professional Mathematics Group courses

After 10th, many of the students take science as their main stream. Science stream itself is mainly divided into three categories: computer-maths,biology-maths and computer-biology. This discuss mainly about the professional courses in computer-mathematics after 12th….


Points to note in 11th and 12th

11th and 12th is an important part of your life as it is a turning point for all. This is a period which you need to manage to score good marks in your board exam and time. to prepare for your entrance exams. Many of the students after completing 10th think that a burden has gone and now its time….