The hands-on experiences and the practical industrial skills that an engineering graduate will achieve during the graduate course is very minimal. Thus Sodfos decided to focus on this matter and thus we launched the project called as Design Engineering and Project Development for Engineering students. The main aim of this program is to give maximum input to the students to gain practical experience which will help them to cope up with the industrial pressure they might have to come across. The program also shares the industrial experience of personnel who are currently working in some reputed firms. The next aim of the programs is to help the students with their final year projects.

The first venture of Sodfos’s  ” Design Engineering and Project Development ” program for Engineering students was conducted at Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology, Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram. The programs were conducted among the S3 students of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of the college. Almost 89 students participated in this event. The workshop was held over a time frame of 2 days.

Day – 1

On the first day, the students went through small sessions of lectures where they were taught the very basics of their respective fields to do practice problems. Later sessions offered them the experience of using a practical simulation software Proteus Design Suite. The students did some software simulation that was given to them and their doubts were cleared on the spot with the team that we had on the day. After the post noon session, the students were given a prototype development using daily scrap material. They were divided into groups and the students did the model successfully.  The afternoon session was also a platform for the students to brainstorm their mind and they had free talking session where they took time to find the answers to their queries.

Table Lamp Using Reusable Plastic Bottles


Day – 2

The second day was decided to be fully focused on giving them hands-on experience and a new prototype was also given for project development. During their work, the Sodfos team on the day went to most of the people who raised their arms for doubts. We were able to clear most of their queries on the spot with the expert panel. The afternoon session was specifically oriented for doubt clearance and the students who attended the program made full use of the same.

                                                                                     The Students in the Workshop

The programs were our first attempt and it was a great success. Students were awestruck by the training and they were eager for more. They informed us that they needed more workshops of such kind. The specialty of the workshop was that we provided them with practical knowledge through hands-on experience and helped them implement their theoretical knowledge into practical use. The program also concentrated on utilizing the engineering knowledge to effectively reuse materials into useful products.