What is DIALux Certification Program?
DIALux Certification Program is a course offered by Sodfos Engineering Consultancy to Professionals interested in the field of Lighting Design. It is your first step towards becoming a good Lighting Designer. You will be trained to work on the Software DIALux, the most sought-after Designing Software in the Lighting Design Industry.

Who can attend the Training?
This training program primarily focuses to cater participants with the basic knowledge to become experts in the field of Architectural Lighting Design. The course will benefit both Undergraduates and Postgraduates of any specialization.

What is the duration of the Program?
The total duration of the program will be 60 hours.

What are the Highlights of the Course?
• Basics of Lighting Design
• DIALux Software
• Interior Lighting
• Exterior Lighting
• Landscape Lighting
• Road Lighting
• 6 Modules
• 5 Projects
• Documentation
• Test and Evaluation
• Certification

Tell me more about the Program…
The DIALux Certification Program is a well-structured and job-oriented program organized by Sodfos. We aim at helping graduates to gather practical knowledge in the field of Lighting Design Engineering. The training offers sessions in one of the commonly used lighting design software, DIALux. After gaining adequate knowledge in the different tools to be used in the software, participants will be involved in various lighting design projects. The program also offers some industrial experience sharing sessions from professionals in this particular lighting industry.

Why do I need to attend this training?
The DIALux Certification Program can be your first step towards your Lighting Designing career. It can pave the path for you to discover your hidden potential in the field of Design & Engineering. This course will be an added advantage to those who wish to pursue their career in this industry.

How can I Register for the Program?
First, you have to Sign up on our website here. Then, you can register for the program by clicking here.