The 2-day hands-on workshop on DIALux & Lighting Design, one of our first events in the Learn 2 Light series of workshops, was conducted at Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology, Trivandrum on 30th and 31st of March, 2019. We are indeed happy to let you know that we have been successful in instilling the knowledge of Light & Lighting Design to the Engineering community! Read on to know more about our experiences…

The event that spanned for 2 days started with introducing the young engineers to the world of Light! We strongly believe that it is very important for a person to understand how to perceive light. Did you know that light can have visual, emotional and biological effects on you? Well, we found the same excitement in the participants too. After spending about half a day on various aspects of light and also introducing the participants to the field of Lighting Design, including the career opportunities that they could pursue, we started the hands-on training session on the software DIALux, the most used and sought-after software in the Lighting Design industry.

We were amazed to see the participants getting better and better as time went on. The session started with introducing the participants to the very basic concepts and tools of DIALux. We then moved on to designing and building a room, the very basic component of a project. The participants were even interested to try out various rooms according to their concepts. On the second day, we started designing an interior project from scratch. The participants made good use of skills acquired from the first day in this project. We are happy to say that we were able to finish and render a well structured and designed output by the end of the day. Here is a look into the various projects done by our participants!

The event concluded with an interactive session between the mentors and the participants, answering them to all their queries and making them aware of the next step that they need to take to venture into the field of Lighting Design!

We are extremely pleased to have collaborated with The Institution of Engineering & Technology (The IET), through its IET-MBCET On Campus and The Society of Energy Engineers & Managers (SEEM), through its SEEM-MBCET Chapter for conducting this workshop. We once again thank Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology for supporting us in making this event possible. We also immensely thank all the participants, mentors, coordinators and faculty who supported us throughout the event. Stay tuned for the next event. Cheers!