11th and 12th is an important part of your life as it is a turning point for all. This is a period which you need to manage to score good marks in your board exam and time. to prepare for your entrance exams. Many of the students after completing 10th think that a burden has gone and now its time to enjoy and many of them score low marks in their 11th standard. But it is not a good idea. Because if you are preparing for an entrance exam then 50% of the exam questions come from your 11th standard subjects. So make sure you study from the beginning of 11th standard onwards. These are some important points to note when you join your higher secondary schooling:

> Keep a proper timetable: Scheduling your time is one of an important aspect when you come to 11th and 12th. Because students will be busy with school, extra class, tuition, etc. Actually you will find a tough time for studying as you may be tired and all. So make a proper timetable and find time to play, read relevant news, watch something good, sleep and most important study. So you have to chart a time for yourself. Parents might prepare a timetable for you and ask you to follow that. That is not gonna work at all. This is because you only know about your health like when you fall sleepy and so you need to match your time accordingly. Some students prefer early morning and some prefer late night and few cannot opt for anything. So you need to chart a time of yourself. But there should be a daily revising time for your study as it is very essential. The only way to do well in the exams is to study through the year and not wait till the countdown starts as you will be in a lot of pressure at this time but it is very important that you write your answers in the right frame of mind. Time management, good health and stress control are as important as cracking a physical numerical or deriving a mathematical equation.

> Practice different set of question bank: For your board exams, you will be facing with different kinds of questions which is not directly from the textbook but some way some indirect questions. So you should be aware about that and should prepare accordingly. SO for that many question banks are available and you should get those and at least go through all questions and should have an idea about how to deal with this. If you are looking for getting admission for profession degree courses then you have to face with entrance exams also. So you should have a parallel time preparation for those entrance exams also. You should have a clear idea about which platform you are looking at .If you are looking for engineering exams then lot of entrance exams are the there like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, VITEEE, MU OET, KEAM, TNEA etc. For architecture you have exams like NATA. For medicine you have AIIMS, NEET, KEAM, Karnataka CET, MU OET, BHU PAT, AIPVT. Similarly for some other degree courses you will be having entrance examination with aptitude, general ability, direct interview. So, for all these you should have practice. For these type of exams your 12th standard mark is not just enough you should score good marks in the entrance exams also. For these again you need to practice objective level questions and practice short methods to manage your time and you should practice many question banks of entrance exams also. Managing both at a time is difficult. But for a better future you need to work. “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

>Choosing a relevant college: Choosing a relevant college is very essential for your future. This is mainly because popular colleges will have the best campus placements and you won’t be facing the off-campus selection. Getting into a core company when you are studying itself is really good and a stress relief. So it is always better to get into a college with proper reputation and scores.